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Welcome to the International Brick Collectors Association

Next time you pick up a brick, take a second. It may also be a collector’s item. Why? Mainly because there is a growing interest in bricks that feature lettering, patterns. pictures, slogans, or dates.

The nearly 700 members of the International Brick Collector Association in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and France, regard bricks as part of the history of mankind. They collect bricks for rarity and beauty and because each has a story. Those who belong to the I.B.C.A. are folks from all walks of life – professionals, retirees, teachers, building-trades workers, scientist, and others.Their interest in bricks draws them together from many parts of the world.

Collectors of most artifacts often find their particular hobby turns expensive when items become rare. And that’s when most people drop out and leave the pleasure to the Rockefellers. The I.B.C.A. hopes this will never happen to brick collecting. Members don’t exchange money for bricks they want; they simply swap. This method of building collections keeps the activity easy, sociable, fun, and inexpensive.

The I.B.C.A. holds “brickswaps” three times a year in various sections of the country. This system assures that new finds will turn up at each successive show and allows members┬áto meet others of mutual interest. Anyone having an interest in bricks or brick history is welcome to attend these get-togethers.

Most collectors find their bricks at random – beside a road, under a bridge, at a demolition site, around a flower bed, at a river’s edge or in some other unexpected area. A few collectors even do serious excavating, but all members who attend the swaps are eager to trade.

To become a member, interested collectors should send $20.00 to Treasurer Donna Johnson, 3141 South Fork Road, Cody WY 82414. Dues are effective until January 1 through December 31. Each member is assigned a personal identification number and will receive the I.B.C.A. Journals which contains informative brick articles. A membership roster is also made available.

We publish (3) Journals a year. Intended to stimulate and maintain interest in the hobby as well as encourage research resulting in articles of general appeal. We are a non-profit organization.
Questions may be directed to the Journal Editor:

Peggy French
1743 Lindenhall Drive
Loveland, Ohio 45140

Email: pfrench001@cinci.rr.com